Our role in the WhiteTrees Group

It is our role to oversee the recruitment, training and development of new and existing team members. It is our responsibility to ensure that our young people are provided with the best care and support.

Services we provide

 Bespoke, recruitment and human resource services:

  • Recruitment of new staff members.
  • New employee induction.
  • Training, mentoring and performance management.
  • Open door policy continued support of staff.
  • HR support.
  • Staff retention.
  • Identifying individuals for promotional opportunities.

A Snapshot of a day at SureCare Residential


Our shifts start at 8.00 a.m. The shift will start with Handover which is one of the most important information sharing forums. Planning is of key importance. It is a chance for all staff to reflect how they feel or if they have any concerns or considerations for the shift ahead.

The first task will be to support the young people to wake and rise. For many of our young people, bed can be a sanctuary, especially if they are worried, upset or not happy with life. We encourage our staff to consider and plan the settling process for later that evening, even when waking a young person in the morning ,as  holding their needs in mind and understanding the young person with a clear plan in place will assist in the structure and the positive outcome for that young person and the day ahead.

Staff then support young people to follow their weekly planned Actives with them for the weekends and school holidays. Staff may at times support young people within school.

During non-school day’s staff will be supporting young people with leisure activities, life skills and hobbies/developing social interests and integrating as part of the wider community. Staff will also support home contact visits if young people have an agreed contact plan to see family, friends or significant people in their lives.


Lunch times may be staggered depending on whether all young people are in or out of the home and so this time can be adaptable where staff prepare and offer food as required. After lunch may well be a time when the manager can arrange for the team to get together for support meetings, supervision and performance management with those on shift.

This time can be both the most difficult time and the most productive and enjoyable. Our young people need structure and stability in planning their free time. When young people finish school the time between finishing school and the journey home is a legitimate time to let off steam and discuss their day. 

Tea time is usually around 5/6 pm and this is a cooked meal prepared by staff with input from young people if they will, from a planned menu. Meal times are a chance to encourage all young people and staff to sit and eat together at the communal table and discuss their day, plan the evening and interact socially with support to clear the table once finished.


From 6.00p.m. to bed time (times may vary due to age), this is what we call “free time”, when the children and young people can socialise with their peers and staff in a structured and planned way. It is also a time when key workers can spend time listening and working with individuals on care plans or simply talking through concerns or the events of the day. There may also be off site leisure activities planned. Once a week there will be a young person’s house meeting held to discuss and consult a shared view about their care and placement.


Young people have assigned bed times and these may vary with age. It is important to be thoughtful, that bed can be a sanctuary in the morning but can be anxiety provoking to the same individual at night time. For some children who are missing family or have had dysfunctional bed times caused by trauma, this can be a stressful and unsettling time, so that – as in the morning – staff must be mindful.

Settling time is a key therapeutic tool at SureCare. Young people will have the time with allocated staff to unwind, watch TV in their room, talk, read a story or chill and prepare for bed. A young person may have additional resources to support their sleep and settling such as music, or a night light.

Recording & Reporting

Whilst recording information and documenting the work carried out in support of our young people is carried out periodically throughout the day, Once the young people are in bed a staff member (if there are no waking night staff) will be allocated to a landing to monitor, the staff will then catch up and finish off all recording and reporting as required. The staff team may debrief and discuss how well the day went and reflect on achievements, outcomes and areas of future development.

Recruitment Process

If you are looking for your next career move please call our friendly and helpful recruitment team to discuss the role that you are interested in.
Potential candidates can expect to go through the stages outlined below.

Employee Assistance Programme

Home Life Support
Work-Life Assistance
Physical and Emotional Health
Wellbeing Resources
4 Week Self Help Programmes
Performance management
Mini Health Checks
Health Calendar